Thursday, July 31, 2008

*le sigh*

My day has just begun and I'm ready to go home. The heat of summer and the monotony of my job are getting to me. I need a vacation. I need some thrills, spills, and a beach or pool. Then I need an entire weekend to just sit by the water and read... read about far away places, places that sound inviting, exotic and lacking in stress. speaking of -- renewed passport should be arriving in my mail box any day now. am so supah excited about that. Perhaps I really can plan a vacation to that exotic place.

I'm completely frustrated with life at the moment. To the point that I wonder if I know what I'm doing, where I'm going or if it even matters. Have you had your family tell you that you need a change because a) you voiced an opinion which made you sound dissatisfied or unhappy b) you are dissatisfied, but not unhappy -- ?
meh. the story of my life this year. *le sigh*

There are times I complain about the people in my life, my job, my housing situation, my life in general etc., but doesn't everyone? I mean come on. just because I have occasional bouts of chronic complaining doesn't mean I need to change my ENTIRE life. I don't need to move to another state, get another job, make new friends etc. I just need a calm day and a vacation from stress once in a while.


could be worse I suppose.

A common sense of reality

-- alt text: he wasn't there again today, I wish that thing would just go away.

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