Wednesday, June 24, 2009


have finally purchased curtains. Eclipse brand which block light & sound. I have slept so much better. I think I actually wake up in the morning rested.

...on to my first complaint of moving from a house to an apartment. Stupid neighbors.

The neighbor who lives above us apparently has a problem with any sort of music because they have knocked on our door twice telling us to turn it down. and my biggest complaint isn't that they asked *so kindly*, but that the music wasn't that loud to begin with. For a person who usually listens to music that you can hear throughout an entire 4 bedroom home, volume 7 is pretty friggin' low. I could hear her knocking at my door - I had a fan running and was in the kitchen moving things around looking for a recipe. My music wasn't loud. My second part of the complaint is that she asked me at 6 o'clock p.m. Seriously?! what could you possibly be doing at 6p.m. that noise is "bothering" you?

I didn't complain when I lived at my old place and could hear my neighbor across the street yelling at her white trash children. So really. My music is *too* loud? Seriously?


I think I need a cabin in the woods. complete with a kitchen worthy of a chef - even though I am not a chef by any means. I just love great kitchens.

part one - I love to cook. I really do. I like to try new ingredients and I love when a dish turns out well and then turns into a favorite. My mother was telling me about Sidewalk Shoes yesterday so I took a peek. I could have spent hour, of work time, reading all the delicious looking recipes. Then I came across Closet Cooking. Needless to say I now have two people whom make me incredibly jealous. and hungry.
~blogs I've recently discovered~
>Closet Cooking
>Sidewalk Shoes
>Pinch My Salt
>Cream Puff in Venice
>Nook and Pantry

am so hungry.

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