Thursday, July 9, 2009


So, I've been reading the closet cooking blog for a week or so now and after trying the Strawberry Sour Cream bread I decided that it was time to move on to something a bit harder. :)and by harder I actually mean something really simple that I couldn't possibly mess up. So, I decided to make eggs. L. Garlic Scape Pesto scrambled eggs with asparagus & mushrooms. I printed out the recipe before I went to the store so I'd have a list of the ingredients. I forgot however to look up garlic scapes... because I wanted to make not only scrambled eggs with asparagus & mushrooms... but with the garlic scape pesto as well. I seriously felt like a dolt when I went to the store. It's not that I don't cook or that I don't use odd ingredients, it's just that I hadn't heard of garlic scapes. I searched the produce aisle for awhile and didn't find anything. I finally just asked. Yeah, they didn't have garlic scapes and to make me smile even more they didn't know what they were. I felt better.
I also discovered that crimini mushrooms are really baby portobella's -- #2 Lesson of the day completed.

anyway, I went to Whole Foods and bought the "special" items and made the scrambled eggs which I loved. to steal from Rachel Ray Yummo!

Thank you closet cooking. :D

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