Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was checking out cutique.com today and came across this. If only I had the money to spend I'd buy this adorable matryoshka necklace.

Despite the fact that I love my friend dearly she committed pet peeve number 507,000. Apparently, if you don't mark your lunch at work it's free grazing for the horde of hungry individuals sharing air space with you. I brought my lunch for the week with me yesterday. 8 pieces of leftover pizza. I ate 2 for lunch @ 3:15pm. Later at about 7:30pm I'm feeling famished so I go to get another bit of pizza to hold me over until I get home and can eat something there. To my horror I am now down to 3 pieces! Seriously? It's not like it was in a pizza box. It was in a plastic container. Friend's excuse: it wasn't marked.
OMG! you've got to be kidding. If you didn't bring it, don't eat it. How many brain cells does that take? Supposedly, whomever told her that it was free for all was thinking it was the pizza ordered on May 1st. Well, I hate to break it to you, but with this bunch there are never left overs after the 2nd day. NEVER! if there are even left overs.

I am ticked off about having to plan my lunches this week and still peeved at the fact that people think whatever is in the fridge is theirs for the trying.


like I said it's a pet peeve.

I can't believe how frustrated and upset it makes me. Silly pet peeve I know, but I can not seem to help it. It's like someone stole from me. Nothing of worth, but something I needed.


Otherwise it's a gorgeous day outside. I splurged and bought this loverly little glass from Starbucks.

it's pretty much the only thing that has made me smile today. I am still miffed. Starbucks has a special on iced coffee going right now. I am uber thrilled about that ~ obviously it doesn't take much. I'm pretty easy to please & piss off apparently.

Oooo my friend invited me to a "sexy school girl" party this Friday. What does one wear to a party like that? ugh. this is why I never go out.

I'd wear this, but I don't own it.

stupid budget. Speaking of budgets I have more than 3/4 of my emergency fund in place. I'm super excited.

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