Wednesday, December 30, 2009


oh my god I made it to 80 posts.

I babble way too much.

Anyway. That being said I have a new addition that I shall be writing about as much as possible.... I would like to introduce Alber.

Alber is my pet peev. He was inspired by bunny-comic & these are his adventures. I made him last year for halloween and he stayed at my desk at work keeping me company. As of the beginning of this month he has decided he was tired of his desk job and wanted to have a big adventure. Or rather adventures. So far they've been sparse, but I'm planning to change that. He is like my traveling garden gnome. He gets to have adventures. Maybe with me or perhaps without. Whichever I decide. :)

Recently Alber had the opportunity to travel to South Dakota to visit my wonderful sis. His first adventure was -- where else -- at Wal-Mart. The hopping Metropolis of Podunk, SD only has Wal-Mart. lol

Wal-mart before christmas time. Once we got started taking pictures we couldn't stop. It just sorta snowballed out of control. We were having so much fun I think we could have stayed in Wal-Mart the whole of the evening.

What peev wouldn't want $3.50 fruit cake? I mean common' that's a deal right there. It's everything and more. It's fruit, it's protein, it's carbs, it's sugars, it's alcohol. It's fruit & cake!
yeah, seriously can't beat that.
(we didn't buy any)

Speaking of buying you may buy your very own peev at Lem's store.

Lem's are much more adorable than mine.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Alber. :)

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