Monday, April 12, 2010


To begin my life with the beginning of my life. I recall I was born. Born a peev to a very annoyed person. born with the capability of blowing up small buildings with relatively little effort.

Ok, so not really. I was just sewn together and thrown on a desk to make my person happy. She's been wanting to say that she has a pet peev for awhile. No one understands her. I don't even understand her. Anyway... she made me and then left me here. Here at the library desk to collect dust, get gouged in the eye with towers of books, and sometimes squished by them. I saw everything & heard everything that went on.
Then suddenly my life is turned upside down as she decides that I, yes, I am worthy of a big adventure. Why wait a year? Who knows, maybe she just needed the company in the car. I dunno. I'm not her.

Anyway here I am at the desk, waiting to go on this big trip she speaks of in the previous blog.

uh. must run. things to do. people to see. babies to make cry. :D

*I apologize in advance for any grammatical & punctuation errors.  

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