Wednesday, January 14, 2009


that is my brand new baby complete with XM radio, which I am quickly becoming addicted to. I find myself sitting in the car, after I've arrived at my destination, just listening until the end of the current song. XM is amazing.

This year started off rather crappy, but is well on it's way to being quite brilliant. I am excited about all that is to come.

>I got to ride in a police car yesterday.
I'd say I used my many secret skills to land this deliciousness, but it was just a simple ride from my job to my car. Nothing really "special" about it. heh.
>XM has an indie station
>I have a new thermostat in my house which means the heat actually works

~New favorite songs~
>Wicked Way by Ben Taylor check it out on songza
>Cape Canaveral By Conor Oberst
>Come Around by Rhett Miller
>Mr. Rock & Roll by Amy MacDonald
>Wie Weit by Apocalyptica

I was trying to remember a company that apparently sells uber-cool clothes and I finally asked my co-worker today.

It's called H&M - unfortunately you can only shop online at various UK locations.

n-e-who, that is all for today.

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