Thursday, March 26, 2009


so, it's pretty much the happiest day of my life. *sarcasm*

I found out at my job that they can cut my pay any ol' time they please. which pretty much pisses me the $@*# off. How is it that they can just revamp a contract to lessen the pay of a large group of employees. Just because we're part-time doesn't mean we're not important or that our lives and paychecks don't matter in the long haul. Besides WTF were we working for if not for a "pay increase" not a pay reduction. And to top that off there's really nothing I can do to increase the amount I take home by working more hours. I already work the max amount of hours a part-time employee can work at any given time in my company.

But seriously I worked hard to get where I am and for the raises that I've earned. What is the matter with an establishment that they can just shaft people like that?

so, I have something to do before I go totally broke, loose my car, house, dog, cat and my nonexistent boyfriend.

~get a tattoo of this somewhere on my body....
or this >>

or how I really feel about life right now

I also have Ryan Adams "Note to self: don't die" song stuck in my brain. The main reason for that is my friend and I would always end our emails with


and that would be the best of it. :)

we are awesome.

So, draw a warm bath, listen to the song, and open a couple veins -- this day couldn't get any suckier.

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