Wednesday, August 20, 2008

not a Wednesday's child

I think I'm going to make Wednesday's my list day.

for today we'll stick to 5 lists and limit each list to 5 things.

~things I like~
>foreign music
>handsome men
>sarcastic comics

~things I do not like~
>cooked liver
>rude people
>goo, slime, anything unrecognisable esp. on books
>crap fiction
>overplayed songs

wow, I know there are things that I do not like, but that list was difficult to make. I couldn't think of things that I a) wouldn't put up with if necessary b) things that I don't like, but have to touch, talk to, eat etc. if forced by a) my job b) life throwing me a curve.

~names we've given some of our regular patrons~
>crazy lady
>Mr. tight pants
>creepy guy
>Mr. Slicky pants
>Mr. giant belt buckle.

~names for our local police men~
>blonde cop
>brunette cop
>tall cop
>new guy
> there are only 4 officers

~books I like~
>The Scarlet letter
>Madame Bovary
>Feet of Clay
>Jane Eyre

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