Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The public hears you...

Today I give you random patron phone conversation.

loud phone guy: [as he's walking into the library] he was in Irag 6 years. yeah. Military. I don't know
I don't understand you.
yeah. he came into the liberry (I swear that is what he said) so I don't know.
oh. yeah.
yeah, I forgot.
so, uh, how'd you like it?
Have you left where you were headed?
You told me...
oh, here he is.

Dear Loud phone guy,

Please remember that when you enter the library that you have entered into a sacred domain, a secret haven, a place of refuge for those who would like peace, quiet and a good book to read. We do not (really) want to hear you yell into your phone in random bursts. Oh and dude, next time could you please have an interesting conversation? could you leave out the yeah's? Perhaps you could give us the back story of your friend in the military that would be nice. Oh, and who, in their right mind says "have you left where you were headed?" seriously dude, go back to school. Get yourself an education or something.

On behalf of everyone at your local library, thanks for the giggles.

Library Staff.

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