Wednesday, October 22, 2008

educate thy self.

ugh... have you ever spent an entire day hating the fact that people these days are complete and total idiots? I have done that for the past 2 days. Days which I have had to work with the greater public of my local. Now I am quite exhausted AND my eye is twitching. ugh.

~top idiotic responses~
>I shouldn't have to give you any identification. I was born here.
-- and I'm thinking to myself "WHO FRIGGIN' CARES!"
ugh. seriously? like oh my god really? you're not like oh my god kidding me?
actual response -- I don't really care where you were born. I still need to see ID.
them:I'm not showing you a damn thing and I didn't ask for any of this I just want my information.
me: I need you to show me identification as that is our policy.
them: well it's stupid. There is something wrong with your administration that they require people to have identification.
me:Ma'am, for your protection we require that all individuals who would like information about their account, without their card being present, show proof of who they are. it's simply a precaution.
>them:I wants to get a new account.
me:have you had an account with us before?
me:then we won't make you a "new" account we'll just update the old one.
them:but I have fines.
me: yes, and those will need to be taken care of before we can update your record to full privileges.
them:well.. I can't do that today.
me:then I won't be able to update your account.
them:then give me a new one.


~books on my reading shelf~
>The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol
>Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
>Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
>Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
>We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

~ha ha ha new song~
>Cheater, Cheater - Joey and Rory

~current favorite songs~
>Black and Gold - Sam Sparro
>Run - Amy MacDonald
>Everything - Michael Buble
>Que Sera, Sera - Pink Martini
>Goodnight Rose - Ryan Adams

well, I forgot to mention that I leave work early every Wednesday afternoon because I am taking Spanish language classes for work. This is probably part of my horrid problem as far as stress is concerned. I feel like an infant -- trying to learn things that I'm just not really capable of, even though I know I am. n-e-who this month is Hispanic Heritage month so we had a lovely bit of artwork about Frida Kahlo and our museum will be hosting artwork by Diego.

off I run chilluns -- have fun.

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