Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wacky wednesday.

I've been horrible about updating. It seems the only day I actually get to blog is Wednesday. My job has this contest going on at the moment -- we're suppose to start a blog about technology, then familiarize ourselves with the various "free" techie things offered to bloggers that make our lives, as bloggers, more convenient. Things like Flickr. I have thought of joining the contest just to win the various prizes, but I just... yeah... I can't force myself to blog when I don't have anything people would be interested in reading.


>no longer have treasure hunt to keep me busy
>too much work

I was talking to a close friend the other day and said "Perhaps I should put a top ten ways to make a man squeal in my blog." you know, because I do lists and things. *head shake* and I'm just so awesome at it.

but I thought about it... and came up with an amusing list - amusing to me anyhow.

~5 ways to make men squeal~
>mention to them that you took some pictures -- don't send them
>send them naughty pictures of girly underbits - or just naughty pictures
>lick something provocatively while they're watching.
>text them something boring, but worded in such a way that it can't be mistaken for anything else but a come-on.
>feign innocence

To be honest I don't really know that much about driving men mad. I'm not an ego stroker and so relationships with me don't last very long. I sorta shoo them away before they can get too close to my personal life. Drama causes me to become a volcano and destroy things so I tend to shy away from it -- and as we all know relationships are DRAMA.

moving right along.

~5 favorite songs of the day~
>O' sailor - Fiona Apple
>Ready for Love - India.Arie
>Yes, I'm cold - Chris Bathgate
>Desperate Guys - the Faint
>Day too Soon - Sia

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