Wednesday, October 15, 2008

happy hamster

~alt text "mostly if it's bad"

I've had an jolly good weekend -- yes, I spent it doing a lot of nothingness, but then this is my prerogative.

Friday - I got to hold my friends wee bairn at the hospital... he's adorable. She's hoping he gets to go home soon.

Saturday - since my Pops (father) is still in town I went shopping with him at Costco after madly cleaning the kitchen and such. then I cooked a nice sweet and sour balti chicken dish. Over all a great Saturday.

Sunday - I went to church -- went out after church with friends as it was the last service that our mutual acquaintance would be here. I will miss him quite a lot. Then in the evening I went to a bonfire at my boss's house. It was quite nice.

Monday - a lot of nothingness and watching Hamish Macbeth. I adore Scottish accents and should think that I'd adjust very well to the country. I'd like that close knit feeling I think. n-e-whoo that evening because of a dryer catastrophe at home I had to frequent a laundry mat. ugh. I spent 2 hours of torture at a laundry mat -- torture because i had to watch Spanish soap operas. Nothing worse than a soap opera in my opinion and to be forced to watch it IN a language you don't really understand.. ugh. I thought my ears would start bleeding from all the crying that went on. but I got my clothes washed, dried, and folded. so all is well with the world.

lists for today -- well -- I don't have anything cool or new or interesting. So perhaps I'll just not make a list. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH just kidding.

Not that I just discovered this or anything BUT I did just discover this

~fun online games~
>chuzzle I have to find a place to play for free
>tetris -- addicting. drrrr esp. on facebook where I have to beat my friends scores.
>Happy Hamster
same linky as earlier. OMG too silly and wow. I giggled like a little girl.

~itunes top played~
>Bak et halleluja - Kaizers Orchestra
played 139 times
>Lover I don't have to love - Bright Eyes
played 127 times
>Everything - Michael Buble
played 123 times
>The Stoop - Little Jackie
played 121 times
>Waterfall - Salvador
played 120 times

odd things I've been asked online
>my name appears to the side of my picture
"wot your name?"
>from creepy old man. creepy because he likes to hug, caress, etc. on friendzii vs. just smiling like a normal old geezer to a young hot chicka -- and by old I mean old enough to be my grandfather
"invite me to be your facebook friend??"

there are so many that I haven't the time to sort through them. SO be happy with two stupid questions from two stupid people OKAY FOLKS.

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