Wednesday, September 24, 2008


wow, um.. it's that day again. As for lists I have aplenty today.

~things I don't like about my neighborhood~
>it's the frickin' ghetto
>a guy just got beat up outside my driveway
>the people are ghetto
>and it's the ghetto

~things I do like about my neighborhood~
>it's close to downtown
>my actual street is secluded
> *draws blank*
> uh
> yeah. heh.

~top played songs on itunes~
>Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns N' Roses
91 times
>Lover I don't have to love - Bright Eyes
88 times
>We are nowhere and it's now - Bright Eyes
85 times
>Dream - Priscilla Ahn
83 times
>Madly - Tristan Prettyman
82 times

~happy stuff~
>Kaizers Orchestra -- specifically Die Polizei
>but also Tokyo Ice Clementime -- it makes me all cheery
>Joselyn Art Museum
>The Faint -- Omaha Band.

>Mahogoney chicken
>stuffed French toast from Lisa's Radial Cafe
>The Taj
>Sweet and Sour Balti Chicken
>coffee. ;)

and ONE more happy thing. Treasure hunting on (fluff)friends application. only 80 something gems to go and I get a (googly)spidey. supa!!

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