Monday, September 8, 2008

freaks and weirdos on the webbernets

I love how the internet opens up the possibility of making a complete ass of yourself. I mean where else can you say to a person you've just met "you're so incredible hot. my *ahem* is getting hard."? I mean really? Seriously? What happened to common polite conversation? what happened to actually getting to know someone more than one second before you blurt out your kinkiest hopes and dreams. "no, really, I want to see you hanging upside down from a telephone pole. yeah. that's my fantasy. really."

ew. get real weirdos and freaks. The normal person does not like to encounter such things via the internet NOR do they enjoy such encounters in person. and by normal people I am speaking for myself.

My -shorter- list of rules for guys -- online chatting.
1) do not mention that you're thinking of a girl in a perverted way if you just met her 5 seconds ago and she has given you no indication of interest. M'KAY that means you.
2)If she does happen to fain interest. be polite. ask her about herself.
3)if she tells you something personal DO NOT ASK HER about her bedroom activities. My guess is that she still doesn't know you from Adam and she doesn't want to know your size or length or how flexible you are.
4)If she does EXPRESS interest then go from there, but take is easy on the sexy talk. It's only cute if she's instigating it. No, seriously... you know I'm right.

and those are a few NOT so simple rules. Just remember to be cool. Your mother, I hope, taught you some manners and gentlemanly behavior. You'll catch more with honey than you will with vinegar... or some such nonsense.

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