Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 day and counting...

it's almost Thanksgiving and I'm very excited with the notion that I get to entertain family this year. I am quite looking forward to practicing my cooking skills on this so special of a day.

I suppose since Thanksgiving is about being thankful, my lists will be about thankfulness and things I am thankful for.

~a few things I'm thankful for~
>a new dryer
>turkey roasting bags
>Tony Chachere's Spice n' herbs seasoning
>dropping gas prices

~new favorite shirts~
>Day of reckoning

>Infamous mishaps through history
>Bye Bye Apocalypse

~a few from Select Tees~
>By the Moonlight
>Eat shirt and die
>Renaissance beauty

~3 that I just purchased~
EEEEE!!! can't wait to wear them.
>Making Work Fun
>Best Mime Ever

~5 random things I'm thankful for~
>laundry soap
>free music
I really want one of those bright nanos, but I have loads of music so would actually need the 120gb. :(

~top 5 songs on itunes
>Dear Chicago - Ryan Adams
played 241 times
>Near to you - A Fine Frenzy
played 221 times
>Psalms 3 - Salvador
played 186 times
>Bak et Hallelujah - Kaizers Orchestra
played 185 times
>Too Long - Yael Naïm

~recently added~

>Slowness - Calexico
>Nice for a Change - Zahl
>Francis' Lonely Nights - Janove Ottesen
>Gerldine - Glasvegas
>Oh my God, Charles Darwin - The Low Anthem

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