Wednesday, December 3, 2008


and counting.

Can't believe I even bother really. It's not that I enjoy sharing... OKAY! I do!

My shirts finally arrived from threadless I'm sure you cannot imagine how thrilled I am. I work tomorrow after a long and tedious "vacation". I'm going to wear one titled Decay. I shall wear it proudly. I shall also take pictures. WOO! I am ever so excited. weird.

I was browsing around today on websites looking for collapsible batons because you never know when a girl may need a defense weapon. Since I do not have my concealed weapons permit as of yet, I have been seriously contemplating getting something else that shall provide some adequate protection and low and behold I come across a v. interesting blog which made me fall in love all over again with our second amendment rights to bare arms. I mean seriously Why Not?
So yeah... on my Christmas list this year is a collapsible baton and a hand gun. Not that I'll get the later, but it's worth a shot. oi! that was completely unintentional.

I have bored you all enough for today. So onto the lists.

~things I discovered~
>that Andrew Bell designed a shirt for threadless. WEE
which is exciting because he draws the most adorably creepy creatures ever.
>Dario's Brasserie
was v. elegant and yet felt very comfy and warm, plus our waiter was a bit of a Vin Diesel type - muscled and bald. heh.
>I don't really like beer I don't know the exact names of the two that I tried, but I'm thinking a wheat beer wouldn't be my thing.
>Dario's crème brûlée is delish
>Oscar Wilde was quite wise. :)
from An Ideal Husband
LORD GORING. Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.
LORD GORING. During the Season, father, I only talk seriously on the first Tuesday in every month, from four to seven.
eehehehe He is my favorite of all Wilde's characters and Rupert Everett plays him to perfection.


I've no other great lists or news. ta ta for now.

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