Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Natalie Dee makes me smile.

~smile worthy~
>Shelcha - Yael Naïm
>Time Travel earrings
makes me wish my ears were pierced
>Gray and Blue - Jaymay
they really have some of the cutest, most unique things imaginable.
like key necklaces -- how adorable is that?!
>squishable reindeer

I've been reading Siddhartha recently and it has made me stop and think about some things. Have I become too bogged down with monetary things? Am I controlled by a need for things? What is my true purpose? Should I change my attitude towards life? Would my outcome be different if I implemented certain changes, which eliminate complications, in my everyday life?

*shrug* not that it's important to "make a difference" in the world as an individual, but each of us wants to be remembered for something and usually we want to be remembered for something good, something worthwhile, something important-- which makes it important to make a difference.


Quote of the day:

I bought some batteries, but they weren't included.
-Steven Wright

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