Wednesday, February 18, 2009


^thanks Etsy.

Vacation was awesome. Then I came home to crap load of stress. My house was a whopping 43 degrees Fahrenheit when I walked in. yippee skippy!
Got my shut off notice from gas company because of a different account being added to mine bringing my total amount owed to an insurmountable mountain.

so I'm a) cranky b) stressed c)freezing.

but enough about my stupid life.

>Damien Rice
>Paolo Nutini

~top played music videos on itunes~
>Mercy - Duffy ~~ Just won 4 Brit Awards Woot!
>Sweet about me - Gabrielle Cilmi
>Angels on the Moon - Thriving Ivory
>A Shot to the Stars - Whitley
>Day Too Soon - Sia

~newly added tunes~

>How the day sounds - Greg Laswell
>I'm Bad - Las Vegas
>Above the Bones - Mishka
>Night Electric Night - Deathstars

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